The cleansing begins

Here comes the true crunch time of moving. It's been only a week since we got word that we're going across the country, and we've been moving in high gear since then. We're sorting through all of our belongings, and getting the house ready to put on the market. We're cleaning up and photographing each room to put on a spiffy web-page. We have to do this one room at time, because there's no way that my kid's rooms always look anything like this on a daily basis:

Looking at this, it's hard to believe that we are still living here...

Oh look! A stairwell! There's no clutter or cleanup project going on here, so it was safe to photograph.

The rest of the house is looking a little more like this.

Kidding. This is my packed up studio. This next one is the aerial view of my studio & sunroom. I love this view. This was taken from the ladder in my loft that goes up to the attic.

By the way, there was a lot more art in the attic. Lots. And almost all of it I don't want to bring with me. So, if anyone is interested in some seriously discounted art, please swing by soon. Invite yourselves, I beg of you.
I shall post some more pics throughout the weekend showcasing some of these found treasures.