Stepping Stones

Japanese Garden- Maymont Park; Richmond, VA

Well, things are finally in motion. After a summer of being in limbo, we now have a plan. We're moving about 3,000 miles away, from Virginia to California. We've been in Virginia 14 years, coming here for graduate schools, then staying for work and starting our family. Doug and I were living in Maine before this, while I went to art school. At least we've had the good sense to land in very beautiful areas, considering what I like to paint.

Leaving this area is bittersweet. It feels strange to get my house ready for someone else to live in, especially when I feel that I wasn't quite done with it yet. It feels strange to say goodbye to friends, whom I hope will come visit us in our new fabulous location. My head is swimming with all the little and big things to be done in the next month (yes! we're leaving next month!) I spent the last 2 days packing up my studio. My paints, brushes and palette are still out... just in case I get a spare moment so that I can do. just. one. more. painting. I have a growing pile of art to give away to friends who stop by. Lots of small oil sketches on paper, old student work, studies, drawings. I'll try to remember to photograph them tomorrow. I love seeing what people choose for themselves out of my pile of give-aways. My babysitter chose two small quiet ones for herself last night.

We're in the middle of serious purging right now. Give-aways, Craigslist (my frog found a home through Craigslist!), and trips to the Goodwill dropoff. It feels good to edit our stuff.

I'm really looking forward to setting up a space out on the West Coast. I'm sure my paintings will change... though it might take a while for me to slow down enough to really take in my surroundings.

If any of you know any painter types out West, specifically the Los Gatos, Silicone Valley, San Francisco area, drop me a note. I'll need some art buddies out there to show me where the good painting spots are. Thanks!