45 mph couch potato

I know, I KNOW, I said I'd be posting images of available art. Maybe a little later tonight. I've been busy with about 2 million things going on today. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to get my 80 lb dog across the country safely.

He's 9 years old, sleeps all day, and is my boy. I'm a bit offended by the rental places that we've looked at online that have not allowed pets. I'm like "come on! It's SOPRANO! He's not a dog. He's furniture." Truthfully, he doesn't act like a dog. He doesn't bark, jump on you, drool, act hyper, or any of those other typical dog things. Well, most greyhounds don't do this stuff either. They can be goofballs, but they are amazingly sweet.
So, how to move my dog? I've looked at the airline option. I am not crazy about the airline option. I am leaning toward a service that actually drives the dog across country. Seriously.