Well, we're in the process of renovating, before moving in next month.  Every time we go over to the new house, we bring another car or truckload of stuff.  It's nice to see the studio space, cleared of all the clutter that was there before.  It's pretty bare, not even having insulation, real floors, proper walls, or electrical outlets.  As we move in, I walk through this space, getting a feel for the light and space.  I'm excited about it, and don't even care much that it's not finished.  I'll take my time, getting to know it, and customizing it to what I need.  

I'm also a bit smitten with these groves of Eucalyptus trees that are everywhere.  When I first saw these, they struck me as trees in desperate need of water.  But they just look this way, with their peely bark and drooping leaves.  I still find them beautiful, and they smell amazing after a rain.