We're taking the plunge!

After a winter of looking at many properties for sale here, we found a house to buy! Part of me wonders if we must be gluttons for punishment. It's not enough to move across country with two small children. We are also choosing to live in the mountains AND we're buying a fixer-upper. Not to mention that this will be the second time we move in six months. But, truly, we'd love a place to call our own. Since Doug likes his job, and we're just getting started on getting to know this area, we want to stay a while. So, we found a place we can get excited about. The house needs loads of work, but it's a nice sunny property with a ton of fruit trees. And it has a guest house! With a studio! This, to me, sold the house. Forget the house, here's the guest house.

Nice front door. Doesn't that door say "studio" to you?

Upstairs is the studio-to-be. When this photo was taken, I was touring it with my real-estate agent extraordinaire (you rock, Carol!). The space is full of the current owner's stuff, and it's completely unfinished. Note the bare beams, lack of insulation and plywood floors. I really don't care. Look at those windows!

Do you think they'll leave that crazy light fixture? Or the wooden horse? I can only hope so.