California Dreaming

We've landed! After a summer of uncertainty, a month of house renovations and goodbyes and sorting and packing and wrapping up all the things we needed to wrap up after 14 years of living in Virginia, after all that... we have finally arrived on the sunny shores of California. Well, to be honest, we've arrived just in time for the rainy season, otherwise known as winter. I won't go into the details of all the things that I'm thinking about and adjusting to and exploring. I will mention that I am slowly digging out from the boxes and have found most of my painting supplies. I just need to track down my glass palette, but that is easily replaced by a trip downtown if I need to.
So, I'm not quite ready to paint yet. I'm busy with the mundane logistics of making such a big move and am nowhere near the semblance of a routine yet. I also do not have Ben in a school yet, so I have a constant companion.
I have to say, though, that this place is gorgeous. I'm taking it all in, just getting to know it and absorbing it all. There's the mountains, the trees, the ocean, the vineyards, the chickens, and the beautiful fog and mist that come with the rainy season. Our house is in a remote location, but is in such a beautiful setting. I'll post a pic of my new studio set-up, when I get it set up.
Here's a warm-up of what I've loved so far....
This is the view from the house- seen from the kitchen window, living room, Skyler's room, and the outdoor hot-tub. In the distance is the Monterey Bay.

Morning at our house

Redwood trees! On the property no less!

This is a view of the driveway. Again, very private and remote... gorgeous trees.

Stay tuned!