Art Party!

We hosted a final potluck party at our house. The theme was "Bring some food, take our stuff" Mostly we were pushing plants on people, as we can't move them across country. I had sorted through all of my available artwork, and put them out for friends to look through. I even had a significant Freebie pile, as there were a number of things that I was happy to move along (drawings, etc.). I'm happy to report that my friends were generous and dramatically reduced my studio inventory. I managed to get some snapshots of friends with their acquisitions... but I didn't get everyone. I was curious what people chose for themselves, as art is such a personal thing. Here are some of the paintings going to their new homes....

First up, Luke, Rachel, and Helenor and their selections

Here is Francisca and Marc posing with their collection

Kendra's selections from the Free-To-a Good-Home pile

and here's Kendra, architect extrordinaire!

Marlene with one of her selections

A visit from Ron & Keith! They brought some art back to Baltimore with them

What can I say about Marc? We can just be glad that he kept his clothes on.