My vintage computer & scanner that I use in my studio is on the fritz this week, so I'm going with pics uploaded from my phone.  

October was a crazy busy over-scheduled kind of month and somehow it flew by with very little studio time.  As we head deep into November, I jump at any carved-out time that becomes available to run to the studio.   Pictured here is my glass palette where I take quite a bit of time mixing up colors before I even begin to paint.  I'm playing with wax medium combined with a bit of alkyd medium to get certain effects that are unique to using this combination.  

Because my studio is not heated, I'm thrilled if it's a warm enough day that I can work with my doors open to the outside.   Not pictured here is my ever-present dog Bella, who considers it her job to accompany me to the studio. 

I'm working on these panels that have been prepped first with spackle & artist's gesso to create a surface that's reminiscent of an old frescoed wall.  My reference photos & colors are mostly from iPhone photos that I've taken.  I'm using the wax & oil combination described above, going for a very seductive and beautiful surface.  As always, I'm after a particular sense of light, mood and atmosphere. 

Hopefully I'll get that scanner back up & running soon and will post detailed images of these newest works.  In the meantime, be sure to check out my available paintings page.  There are a few small scale paintings that would an excellent option for upcoming holiday wish lists!  

For available paintings, click here.