Evolution of a painting

I just finished another large painting in the studio that will be making it's debut at an upcoming fundraiser for our local school.   I documented the process and revealed the day by day progress on my artist page on Facebook.  

 Day 1 involved a blank canvas.  Prior to this stage, some work went into prepping the surface with artist based gesso sanded carefully between coats to create a smooth and porous surface. 

 This image represents the first day or two.  I began by laying down an underpainting, basically blocking in the shapes and color relationships.  The initial layers tend to be loose and painterly, with opaque layers of oil paint. 

 In days three and four, I continue to paint in both the details of the landscape in alternately layers of opaque paint and semi-translucent layers to adjust color and temperature.  With each day, I typically add 2-4 layers of paint, covering the entire surface.  As I paint, I'm building on the layers below. 

Detail of my work in progress:  Day 6.  I continue to add washes of semi-translucent oil glazes, allowing the layers below to come through and adding subtle transitions of color.  Each layers is allowed to dry before adding the next.  I reveal layers below by wiping away with rags & my fingers when the paint is still wet and carefully sanding when the layers are dry. 

Detail of work in progress:  Days 6 & 7.   With each layer of paint, the painting gains depth and luminosity.  Light filters through the top semi-translucent layers and reflects back from the more opaque layers on the bottom.  In the right light, the painting has a luminous glow.  Because of the thin layers, it also has a smooth surface. 

After approximately 10-12 full working days, the painting is complete.

Oil on canvas

Available for bidding at the Gala 2011, Magic On The Mountain event.  Proceeds support the Loma Public Education Fund.