Summer Intermission

My children are on summer break, which for me means that they are my constant companions until school resumes in August. My romanticized version of summer break is that we all settle into our daily routine which involves being happy and productive. What actually happens is that there is an acclimation period where my kids don't quite know what to do with themselves after the crazy busy schedule of the school year. They sometimes bicker, they want to bury themselves in electronics, they look to me to find something for us all to do, and as a result I have to become a more active parent.
We jump-started our summer break with a long-overdue trip to the East Coast. It was a two week whirlwind tour of visiting family and friends. Starting in Vermont and working our way down the coast, we ended up in Virginia where friends made a strong case for moving back there. Beginning our trip in Vermont was perfect. My mother does not have internet access, and there is no cell phone coverage where she lives in the mountains. My children and I relaxed. We read books, explored the back roads, went fishing, caught fireflies and had s'mores over our nightly bonfires.

My daughter, who seems to be growing crazy fast, in Vermont.

Vermont: The Green Mountain State

Lake Monticello, Virginia

Rope Swing at Lake Monticello