Art Giveaway

And the winner of this painting is.....

Constellation Field
4x4", Oil on canvas

Melissa P.!

Melissa is the recipient of my first-ever-online-art-giveaway. The rules were simple: join my Facebook page and/or leave a comment under the Giveaway post below. I wanted to be absolutely fair, so I used an online random number generator to come up with the winner. Melissa was #86, and I sent her an email with some JPEG's of available works, giving her some options. She picked this one, a painting of bees above a field of dandelions.
Melissa & I attended Maine College of Art together, and because of Facebook we have connected in recent years. She is a talented chef and food writer and has a fabulous blog of her own that you should check out.
I find it perfect that she chose one of my bee paintings, because as it turns out, Melissa means
"honey bee" in Greek!