Highway 1, Monterey,  Oil on birch panel, 10"x10"

Low horizon & Fog- Highway 1    Oil on panel 10"x10"

I thought I'd finally post an update on what's happening in the studio.  Currently I have about 12 paintings which are in various stages of progression.  I thought I'd post images of the ones that are complete, and post more as they develop.  I am painting as often as I can, which amounts to 2-4 times per week (short sessions, while my kids are in school).  I make it a priority if I'm able, but life with a family is chaotic... all in a good way of course.  Lately I'm feeling like it's time to wrap up some of these pieces which are developing slowly.  I'm not a fast painter.  My recent method is a laborious process with lots of layers & glazes.  It reminds me of  building a drawing with graphite.... it's very gradual & requires patience.  I may paint on a piece for 3 hours straight, stop for lunch or coffee & continue for another hour before needing to go pick up the kids.  After such a painting session, I might decide that the painting is no where near being done, and the process continues the next day.  By the end of the week, sometimes what I see are a lot of half-finished paintings... but I'm slowly but surely building a body of work.  I absolutely love being in the studio again.