Blue Sky

This painting is of trees seen from my daughter's window. Specifically, trees seen in silhouette, at twilight. One night this past winter, she was up with a very high fever. I had come in to her room to check on her, expecting her to be asleep. Instead, she lay there, eyes bright with her fever, exhausted, just gazing out at those trees. She started talking about those trees, how she could see birds, and squirrels and shapes out there... wondering if there were fairies.

I decided to make her a painting of "her" trees. For me it encompasses lots of things: parenting, keeping vigil with a sick child, being in that quiet moment to just enjoy beauty, plus the wonder of a child's imagination & wonder (fairies, magic). So, I made her a painting to keep, and I also made this smaller version, to share.

My daughter's name is Skyler, so I call this Blue Sky.