12"x12", Oil on canvas
©2010 Giselle Gautreau

note on the painting: This portrait is of Cinco, the fifth chicken that we picked out last Spring. She's an Ancona hen. When she was small, she was "tasted" by our Black Lab, Bella. Cinco lived to tell the tale, but she wasn't very happy to see our dog for a while after the incident. Cinco is one of our smallest chickens, and she generously lays one small white egg for us every day.

My model.

Tis the Season

Oil on panel, 5"x6"

I've been a bit remiss in my blog posting, but have been busy at work in the studio. Life in general is busy too... we have a new rescue puppy named Lily (she's awesome!), and with two kids life seems constantly in motion. In the studio I've been working slowly on some paintings on panel.
Besides the slowly-developing works on panel, I also wanted to make some small scale and affordable art for the holiday season. That's right! A Studio Sale! I'm creating a series of small work, some on un-stretched canvas that will be matted, ready for framing. Prices will be in the $50-$100 range.

Some pieces are drying, and I'll post them right after the Thanksgiving holiday. In the meantime, I'm going to jump start the Studio Sale with a small work on panel. This painting is of a hawk, flying low over the trees. Hawks fascinate me. On one hand they're gorgeous and it's always a little thrill to see them. On the other hand they are big enough to carry away any one of my chickens, so I really don't want to see them around my yard.
A small hint of paintings to come: birds, bees, salt marshes and chickens.

Also, please take a moment to look through my available paintings. You just might see the perfect painting to give as a gift or keep for yourself....

Rain at Sea

Rain at Sea
Oil on canvas, 20"x 24"

Price On Request

About the painting:  This painting is based on one of our many visits to the Outer Banks of NC with my family.  Standing on that sandy beach, a bank of clouds approached.  The light & sea changed color, and the storm just passed to the south of us, so we didn't have to rush to pack up our blanket & kid's sand toys.  

Sea & Sky

This was created last fall, after a trip to New Brunswick, Canada to visit my family. The way that the sea and sky come together there is so beautiful. This is 8" x 8", oil on canvas. This canvas is on wide stretcher bars, so it has a nice presence while hanging on the wall. I've painted the edges so that it doesn't necessarily need to be framed.