In the thick of things

 Things are really cooking in the studio now.  I've got lots going on and look forward to sharing them with you soon.   A preview of things to come.  I will get better photos soon.  I promise.

In the studio

This is from a series that I'm working on.  Oil, wax & spackle over wood panel.

 On the easel

Detail of one of these pieces.  This painting is of the large oak outside of my studio window.

Art Events: March & April 2012

March and April Art Events

Out of the studio and out into the world.  

First up,  the Pajaro Valley Arts Council in Watsonville, CA has a really great exhibit up right now called Wax: Contemporary Encaustic Works.    More than 70 artists are represented, showing an exciting range using encaustic wax as a medium.  

Lots of fantastic work.  I went to the opening and plan on getting there again to enjoy the show without the crowds.  I have three paintings which are included in this show. 

Art lookers at the PVAC show opening. 

Next up, be sure to check out the Spring exhibit at Many Hands Gallery in Capitola.  Birds & Bees are on display, with many of my mini paintings on hand.  At least 13 of my small-scale paintings are on view as part of the show.   

This exhibit will be up for March and April. 

Note:  Many Hands will be participating in Santa Cruz's First Friday art event.  I'll be there on Friday, April 6 from 5-8 pm along with many of the other artists listed.  Consider yourself invited!

Some of my small-scale paintings on view at Many Hands Gallery in Capitola. 

Framing Bees

It turns out that a lovely friend and collector of my work has an excellent eye for framing. In general I don't frame my own work. In part, I want the buyer to decide whether they want it framed at all, and how to do it. I'll be honest, it's also about economy for me, since framing can get expensive. My framing tastes tend to run toward the clean and minimalist. Simple floater frames for me, if any. In contrast, my friend went for whimsy and bold. She grouped my bee paintings together on one wall, and I love the effect.

This last one stands alone on it's own wall. I love what the frame does to the painting. It gives it an added dimension, drawing your eye in and giving it another layer of drama and presence. That is what good framing does.

Trio of Bees

A friend of a friend was in town, and was brought to my studio for a tour. After selecting a few paintings to be shipped home, she mentioned that she wanted a grouping of three small pieces to hang together on the same wall. Sunflowers are her favorite, so I took a request to make a sunflower & bee painting. Another small painting with a bee & flower complete the group. I'm looking forward to seeing all three framed, and hopefully I'll get to see a photo of them hanging together.

Teresa's Sunflower

Bee With Flower
Trio of Bees